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Tomoki - Demon Knight

This is the first timeI make a gif from other tokusatsu
this time I Bring Tomoki Sakurai (from Sora no Otoshimono) as Demon Knight

The history:

after SNO's final, Helder goes to Sorami to visit tomoki, once they are childhood friends, as same with Issei, Irina and Akatsuki. unfortunatelly, Doc. Zora is Revived by Doctor Genma and they cyber beasts attacks the city. Jinno appears to Tomoki in a projection and gives him his Riser Stone to save the five angeloids. ven powerfull as they are, Ikaros, Nymph, Astraea, Chaos and Hiyori together aren't capable to stop the monster. Tomoki transforms to protect them, and, thanks to the Angel core who fused in his right hand, He can transform without be corrupted by the dark powers. also, He can summon Riseross and Seishinjuu Ryuto to fight. after see Justikaiser, Mikako now thinks two times before make something to piss him off

Bases by crimson cafe and Original demon knight by :iconyuusukeonodera:
please don't use without my permission. thanks
Trolling Vali! by helder666
Trolling Vali!
Kuroka: Hey hey hey, do you want to try to make babies with me?
Issei: You should please these things to Vali!
Vali: I refused.

Peanut's (and everyone's) Reaction:
Sanbai Hyakujuu Gattai - Gao Triple by helder666
Sanbai Hyakujuu Gattai - Gao Triple
here I show an original Toei combination found in the sketch book of toei. i'll present it as Kuzsite's personal gattai.

Threefold Hundred Beast Fusion Gao Triple (3倍百獣合体, Sanbai Hyakujū Gattai ガオトリプル, Gao Toripuru)

Gao Manta (ガオマンタ Gao Manta) and Mini Manta (ミニマンタ Mini Manta) are recpectivelly Big and little brothers who share the same crystal. even separates of Gao boar and Gao bat, they can attacking using eletric powers. combined with them they can use Manta Saber (マンタセイバー, Manta Seibā), formed by Gao manta's tail o unleash eletric slashing attacks. also he can to uses the attack Manta Shoot (マンタシュート, Manta Shūto), when Mini manta is launched from the robot chest and after he returns as a boomerang (I know, this remember Gurren Lagann a LOT)

The finisher os thies combination is Triple Mayhem (トリプルメイヘム, Toripuru Meihemu), when Gao triple's legs change to Jet mode and after this the mecha attack's with Bat Chop, followed by Boar drill and finishing with an Eletric blast from Gao Triple's chest combined with a sequence of shots from Gao garry's cannons.

TO summon this combo sometimes Helder uses the same flute used by Loki (AKA Zen-Aku), given by Oogami/Gao silver as a present for Foras' dungeon capture

Original mecha template by :iconkrdestiny:
Bases by crimson cafe and help by :iconyuusukeonodera:
Please don't use without my permission. thanks
Gift - Sengoku Makai custom Symbol - Metalized by helder666
Gift - Sengoku Makai custom Symbol - Metalized
After see markolios ' work, my friend Austaroth D. Dragon seized the vector and made a metalic version this symbol. the coolest part is the symbol now appear at same time made of metal and brute stone.

from there, you can get an idea of how it would look the symbol when used as emblem of Energy arms' chestplates

original symbol by markolios
shared from: Johnny-Spectre and ShocksterStudios137 

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Helder Moura Rastrello

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