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Mana Warriors! by helder666
Mana Warriors!
When dark times approaches the 12 mana weapons choose new heroes to fight. the mana tree reveals the patch for new possibilites!

and here we can see each one have one of the 12 Mana weapons
(note: Mana Gun is exclusive from the fanfic)

Helder: Mana Sword -► Ginken-Ryuu

The mana sword after a lot of time as Helder's partners, after let the original body transforms itself in a sword who can combine with musou saber or musou falchion to use Helder's Native Dragon's powers. These modes are called respectivelly yari mode and shin-yari mode

Aladdin: Mana Staff -► Sapphire Staff 

This rod after the power of mana go away became his official new staff. neither sheba's powers and rukhs nor Solomon's are residing on it. Aladdin uses it as the new supreme Magi

Shiroh: Mana Gun -► Zephyr Magnum

As you think, it acts as same of W'S Trigger Magnum and Skull's Skull Magnum. it can use the power of Zephyr Memory and Unicorn, Weather or Fang in Type 2.

Saito: Mana Flail -► IXA Bolt

This weapon can be summoned with a new fuestle used with the belt system and combine the powers of Axe, scythe and flail in one weapon. It becomes more powerfull using Liveslatille's Power

Kazuki: Mana bow -► Dragblacker Arrow (Shoot vent - AP 4000)
As you can see this bow is hidden in Dragblacker's tail before sword vent appears. he can shot an arrow to the sky and it explodes in a rain of darts or a penetrating shot. can be used even in survive mode

Minato: Mana Dagger -► Medaldagger

This weapon follow the same idea from OOO's Medaljalibur but pushing the lever a second time it unleashes the single or double cell bursts

Issei: Mana Gloves -► Asura Gloves

They can be camuflated as the form of rings and they are revealed by a vocal command. they can combine the powers of boosted and dividing gears to cause more damages

Akatsuki: Mana Katars -► Kryphons

A new type of Katar based on gryphon's head wo can be summoned with a new Wizard ring. they are equiped with Monomolecular vibration blades to cause more damage

Hakuryuu: Mana Spear -►Byakko Spear

This weapons became the main one of Byakko hyeongtae when he needs to fight seriously. he can also use his metal vessels together with it

Shinn: Mana Axe -► Victory Zecter 

It can be summoned as same as victory zecter and also can use ALL the zecters beyond thebee, drake and sasword excluding the hoppers. but even with or without the mana powers it's finisher is ever "MAXIMUM MANA ULTIMATE"

Tusk: Mana Blade -►Handle Claymore

it can be used as same type of Drive's Handle ken and uses the same type of moves, but must to be used with both hands

Takeru: Mana Hammer -►Bumper Hammer

It use the same abilities of Chaser's Shingou axe, but each button uses a different type of finisher to destroy the week enemy

bases by crimson cafe and help by :iconyuusukeonodera:
Please don't use without my permission. thanks
Magi - Aladdin Jehoahaz Abraham by helder666
Magi - Aladdin Jehoahaz Abraham
following with the hero arts i bring now the most cute, badass and awesome of the four magis

bases by crimson cafe and help by :iconyuusukeonodera:
Please don't use without my permission. thanks
Etotama - Takeru Amato by helder666
Etotama - Takeru Amato
and now I bring the ambulant sol/lul (Seollal) generating user guy, takeru from Etotama

bases by crimson cafe and help by :iconyuusukeonodera:
plase don't use without my permission. thanks
Hakuryuu's Alternate Outfit by helder666
Hakuryuu's Alternate Outfit
i saw these clothes on a fanart in zero-chan and danbooru and think: why dont make this Hakuryuu's clothes when he's in Helder's Dimension?

bases by crimson cafe and help by :iconyuusukeonodera:
plase don't use without my permission. thanks

Someone has been hacking into peoples profiles and deactivating their accounts. However, if they see that you have this journal on your page they will know you know whats going on and they will ignore you and move onto someone in your friends list! Repost this for your safety, and make sure your friends are safe too!

(dunno if its true or if this works but....dunno if I should take any chances...)


Helder Moura Rastrello

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