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Hercus Impulse Gundam - Full package by helder666
Hercus Impulse Gundam - Full package
:iconchaos217: asked me about a large version of Hercus impulse. 'cause this I bring it now in mecha-sd size

as you can see, I reembered to put hercus sillouete behind him and added the weapons. Beam kunaigun is combined with beam axe to make quick use of both.

of course it's pilot is Shinn Asuka

Impulse's shield change his color to black (cross) and silver in this phase change
Mecha template by :iconkrdestiny: and help by :iconyuusukeonodera:
please don't use without my permission. thanks
Etotama Bremen Four by helder666
Etotama Bremen Four
from lower to upper
Uma-tan: I'm not a donkey!
Inu-tan: Don't complain, Uma-tan. we only had you!
Nyaa-tan: HEY! You're Heavy~Nya!
Piyo-tan: Stupid cat!

Original work by Gessekai
Original Character: Super Magnus by helder666
Original Character: Super Magnus
Here is the second Minicon ally of Kamen rider Makai.

Super magnus is a minicon who get his spark saved by Helder. Using a new body made with recycled parts of destroyed minicons, He created a body based on Overload (armada), Ultra Magnus (micron densetsu) and Ultra magnus (energon) to make his body. he's combactible with ANY arms Makai uses, but his real power is unleashed in tartaros arms

Bases by crimson cafe and Original Overload by :iconyuusukeonodera:
Please don't use without my permission. thanks
Hercus Impulse Gundam by helder666
Hercus Impulse Gundam
Here is one of my Bizarre and neat Ideas for my fanfic. Here Shinn can use a new version of Impulse gundam, this time use the new Hercus Silloute, meanwhile he's transformed in kamen rider

Bases by crimson cafe
original Impulse gundam by :iconyuusukeonodera:
Please don't use without my permission. thanks

Model: ZGMF-X56S/Z.E.C.T.
2 x MMI-GAU25A 20mm CIWS 
2 x M71-AAK "Folding Razor" anti-armor knife 
MMI-RG59V mobile shield 
MA-BAR72 high-energy beam rifle 
MA-BAR100 Beam Kunaigun
MMI-714/MK-II Shin "Arondight" beam Zankantou
MA-MR Falx G8- Beam Axe (Custom Revised and Adapted)
Etotama Pa Kua by helder666
Etotama Pa Kua
here you can see Oriax' metal vessel. One of my friends from facebook made it to me

using this medallion, Helder can use Oriax powers. including summon the battle axe without equip full djinn equip

Someone has been hacking into peoples profiles and deactivating their accounts. However, if they see that you have this journal on your page they will know you know whats going on and they will ignore you and move onto someone in your friends list! Repost this for your safety, and make sure your friends are safe too!

(dunno if its true or if this works but....dunno if I should take any chances...)


Helder Moura Rastrello

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