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Kamen rider Wangja Welkan Arms by helder666
Kamen rider Wangja Welkan Arms

Here is the MOST BADASS arms of Zafira's arsenal this form is faster than his normal powes wthout the belt and his original techniques has 10X plus power.

The Lore

Hayate-chan and the girls finally leave the hospital after one month. Zafira was called by Akatsuki and Muneakira to investigate a suspect energy pulse. is here they find the remains of Flash King and de big broken Cosmo Sword. at the blade remains another plant of Helheim had grown. when Zafria tries to pick one of that froits, he's violently repulsed. a bunch of renegade zolos soldiers, liderated by a revived and talking version of Ley Galus created by Doc. Creature attacks the groups but Signum, Shamal, Vita and Makai appear to help the group. in this time, Levantine, Klarwind and Graf Eisen borrow their powers to the Guardian beastman and he finally picks one of that fruits. the plant vanishes in ashes and a new Kachidoki typed Lockseed appears.

This lockseed is simmilar of that Kachidoki Gashapon version. In other words, Wangja DON'T Have a Kiwami type.

Velkan arms' weapon is Velkan Cosmo Sword, a human-sized version of the original one with a space to put lockseed for charge and power attacks

bases by crimson cafe and help by :iconyuusukeonodera:
please don't use without my permision. thanks
Kamen Rider Baihu Belial Hyeongtae by helder666
Kamen Rider Baihu Belial Hyeongtae
This is a new form for Hakuryuu's powers I can't tell about yet 'cause it gonna give a big spoiler of Magi Manga. but I can say is: this hyeongtae, even being a basic one, is very risky to use  and consomes a lot of magoi

Bases by crimson cafe and help by :iconyuusukeonodera:
Please don't use without my permission, thanks
Sengoku KR Makai Blood Arms by helder666
Sengoku KR Makai Blood Arms

This is a Nice one arms Listed as a Type-2 of Bujim Gaim's Blood Orange arms. The difference is this lockseed is not corrupted by darkness powers

The Lore:
This time, to protect his own world, Helder uses his powers to fight against not a Invess or a Shuutai, but a Phantom. Phoenix, to be more specific. He could escape from Sun after a lot of deaths and reborns and returns extremally strong. Helder uses all lockseeds but He could't defeat him. When phoenix go to unleash the final attack, he's attacked by a lightning. Hydora, King of Blue Dragons, came to rescue Makai without no one god to guide him. The MOST INSANE Of dracuum rex Picks a Helheim fruit, and it becames the Blood orange Lockseed, but Hydora Purifies it with his power and the lockseed evolves. when questioned by Helder about this, Hydora just laugh and says: "I only want to see if you can make an Yakitori from this gay chicken". Helder Laughs and accept the new powers, drestroying Phoenix definitivelly

Blood arms is Like a Fresh Blood orange arms (LOL senketsu arms XD)
This arms' weapons are Souken Enjimaru. a pair of twin swords who remember double Daidaimaru, but these one can combine into Goushintou Enjimaru, a large sword to attack with full powers

Bases by crimson cafe and Help by :iconyuusukeonodera:
please don't use without my permission, thanks.
For this i want to do the extra projects for my Kamen rider Makai. i'm waiting for :iconkaniotoko: 's art for Kamen Rider wangja to procced with Sengoku Makai's fanficion. meanwhile i ask for all of you. who wants to draw another type arts for my idea? i'm inviting everybody who wants to cooperate to make this art project one of the most nice of deviantart

- Lockseeds
- Faceplates
- Drawings
- sengoku, genesis and edo driver Montages
- Weapons


Helder Moura Rastrello

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