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SD Gift - Black and Purple by helder666
SD Gift - Black and Purple
Today I got surprised by hins. one of my friends in Facebook did this nice SD art of my OC, Helder/Kamen rider Makai with Blake Belladona from RWBY

I hope you Like
Bakuretsu Hyakujuu Gattai: Gao Mordred by helder666
Bakuretsu Hyakujuu Gattai: Gao Mordred
And here is the second Hyakujuu Gattai. this time using all normal-listed mechas from Gaoranger

Explosive one-hundred-Beast Combination Gao Mordred (爆裂百獣合体 ガオモルドレッド, Bakuretsu Hyakujū Gattai Gao Morudoreddo)

This Combination's Gao Gems was Spread by different dimmensions and it costed a lot of power of Dragon Ressha's energy to be collected.

Gao Ape (ガオエイプ, Gao Eipu) Was originally Valerio Calvados' partner before he enter in hibernation toghether with Adelaide. His crystal was residing in his original home in a secret chamber of Eschenbach castle. He can summon stalagmites to use as Kunais (as same gao gorilla use his "bananarangs") and he has the same missile power in the combination, but instead he shoots Napalm Missiles
Note: I know the original gao ape is a recolor of gao kong but I changed his face to make it more exclusive

Gao Panda (ガオパンダ, Gao Panda) Originally was Gao Black/Soutarou Ushigome's partner, but he delivered it to Helder trusting him to protect the multiverse. when he's attacking (combined or not) he can use the estructive poert of Bamboo Hurricane (バンブーハリケーン, Banbū Harikēn)

Gao Crescent (ガオクレセント, Gao Kuresento) was habitating the Trump Kingdom passed by each kingdom generation and was actual partner of Princess Marie Angie. It is delevered to Helder by Regina. his special attack is Graviton Bullet (グラビトンバレット, Gurabiton Baretto), when he spits a violent light ball who can transform in a rock meteor. this item when touches the ground or the target create a strong gravitational field to stop the enemies moves by 5 minutes

Gao Vulture (ガオヴァルチャー, Gao Varuchā) Originally works with Goddess medusa to create the world, but when started to change, she trusted Gao Vulture's Gem to Aura, The first sacred D.R.A.G.O.N. . When it as free by Helder in his Epyon arms from Embryo's hands, the great beast trusts this gem to him. Gao Vulture is so fast as gao eagle  and he can attack with his wings. his special ability is called Gao Clairvoyance (ガオクレアボヤンス, Gao Kureaboyansu), and using it, he can help Makai and the other power animals to see through illusions

Gao Ryx (ガオリックス, Gao Rikkusu) Was working to lady Palutena at this same time but she became to busy to work wih animarium citzens, and she trusted her crystal to the Patriarchs of Imuchakk kindom. His last owner was lord Rametoto, and he gives this crystal to Makai after be defeated by him. Gao Ryx is one of mos powerfull and faster power animals ever. with his power, gao morded became the most fastest combination of all others. when attacking with the legs the meca can use the destructive Savannah Bike Kick (サバンナバイクキック, Sabanna Baiku Kikku) to attack the enemies

As same Gao Muscle has gao Anchor, Gao Mordred can use the Gao Mjolnir (ガオミョルニル, Gao Myoruniru), a powerfull Long-handled battlehammer engraved with the symbols of the 5 power animals to fight and unleashes powerfull ewletric blows

Gao Modred's finisher is Hurricane Beserk Lariat (ハリケーンベルセルクラリアット, Harikēn Beruseruku Rariatto), who works as same as Muscle lariat, but using wind and Gravity

Bases By crimson cafe and help by :iconyuusukeonodera:
Original mecha Template by :iconkrdestiny:
Please don't use without my permission, thanks
Chibi Luna by helder666
Chibi Luna
To finish the Casshern Team we have Luna-chan as the last one to join this collection. :iconrainshadowartist: asked me to make it before, but after she decided about Dio and Leda. 'cuse this I made Casshern and luna to complete the casshern team

Bases by crimson cafe and help by :iconyuusukeonodera:
Please don't use without my permission. thanks
Art Trade- Chibi Leda by helder666
Art Trade- Chibi Leda
and here with the part 2/2 of my art trade with :iconrainshadowartist: we Have Leda-san, the most Hottest androd of Casshern franchise

Bases by crimson cafe and help by :iconyuusukeonodera:
Please dont use without my permission. thanks

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Helder Moura Rastrello

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